Ansible & its case study in Cloud Computing.

🔰What is Ansible ?

🔰Why Ansible ?

1 ) Simple:-

2 ) Powerful:-

3 ) Agentless

🔰Ansible Architecture

🔶Inventory :

🔶Ansible Playbooks :

🔶Control Node:

🔶Managed Node:

🔰Ansible For Cloud Computing

💠Ansible With Google Cloud Platform

💠Ansible and Google Native Integration

  • Use Ansible to launch instances in any GCP Zone, configure networking setups to accurately simulate real-world scenarios
  • Deploy your code how you want: private disk images, startup scripts pointing to your own package repository and more — all within your native Ansible Playbooks
  • Tear-down instances when you’re done: right after a test or after a review with the team and even keep a snapshot of the disk
  • Use GCP Managed Instance Groups (Playbook example) and autoscaling to ensure your application can meet the needs of its users
  • Easily use Cross-Region Load Balancing to have your application served by the closest-available zone
  • Enable Service Accounts with specific access, enabling only those who need it to run your playbooks in production.



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