A topology in which system A can ping both systems B and C but B and C can’t ping each other without using any firewall.

In this article we creating a Network Topology setup in such a way that System A can ping to both the systems (system B and system C) but both these systems should not be pinging each other without using any security rule e.g firewall etc.

so lets begin:-

In the very first step we have to attach all the systems to the Host adapter so that they all will belong to the same Network.

Lets change the Ip address of all the 3 systems and add the desired routes in their Routing tables.

✅System A :-

Here in this system we will be changing its ip to and also creating a rule such that it will only be able to ping system B and C and no one else.

✅System B:-

Similarly we also have to change the IPif system B to and add required rule.

✅System C:-

we will be changing its IP to and will also add following rule.

Now lets check the required connectivity between all of all the three systems…

✅System A:-

✅System B:-

✅System C :-

Henece verified …!!

✨System A is pinging successfully both B and C while B and C cant ping each other.

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